Sunshine Coast DJ Hire - Playlists

At Sunshine Coast DJ Hire we can help create a playlist for every occasion.

Our Playlists are constantly being updated, changed & added to so we can provide you with an excellent range of music for your special event.

We welcome any requests you have for a wedding, birthday party or anniversary.

We can cater music for your business function to set the desired occasion.

We play family friendly dance music.

Once a booking has been made we will be in contact to help you choose the type of music selection for your wedding, party or business function.

You are welcome to be as general or as detailed as you like in your selection.

Always remember we play music for all your guests to enjoy regardless of their age!

Sunshine Coast DJ Hire - Wedding Playlists

Wedding Reception Playlists (emailed to you once booked
Sunshine Coast DJ Hire - Other Playlists

 We can help create a Playlists for Every Occasion
  • Introduction Songs
  • Background, Cocktail, Dinner Songs
  • Cake Cuttings Songs
  • First Dance Songs
  • Bridal Party Dance Songs
  • Bride & Father Dance Songs
  • Groom & Mother Dance Songs
  • Garter Removal Songs
  • Garter Toss Songs
  • Bouquet Toss Songs
  • Fun Dance Songs
  • Evening Dance Songs
  • Last Song of the Night
  • 70’s Music Playlist
  • 80’s Music Playlist (My favourite)
  • 90’s Music Playlist
  • 00’s Music Playlist
  • 10’s Music Playlist
  • Latest Hits Playlist
  • Teenage Party Playlist
  • Under 12 Party Playlist
  • Kids Party Playlist
  • Background Music Playlist
  • Sexy songs Playlist
  • Fun songs Playlist
  • Love songs Playlist


We can help create a playlist for any event you require!
Free advice & website links on how to best choose your playlist!