Sunshine Coast DJ Hire - FAQ


Do I need to pay a deposit? Yes, your booking is not secure unless a deposit has been paid.

What deposit do I need to pay? $200 non-refundable deposit for all bookings.

Can I pay in full upfront? Yes, you can, this is probably easier than paying a deposit & then a balance.

When do I need to pay in full? Balance of payment is required at least 14 days out from your event.

How do I make a booking? The easiest way is to complete our online booking form. Once completed you can then pay via PayPal or bank deposit.

How do I pay for my event? Bank deposit is preferred method of payment or we also accept Pay Pal. Please remember when paying to include your booking number, surname & date of event.

What if I have trouble paying? Please contact before your payment is due not after. Failure to pay for booking by required date could unsecure your booking & allow us to book & secure another event.

DO YOU HAVE BOOKING TERMS & CONDITIONS? Yes, we do & are available for you to read prior to booking (please see under booking tab). They are also emailed to you once a booking has been made. Booking terms & conditions are there to protect both us & the client & we recommend that you read them.



If I cancel my event will I get a refund?

Depending on when you cancel. All cancellations outside of 14 days you forfeit your $200 deposit as a cancellation fee.

Within 14 days of event no refund is given & you still owe us the balance of the full amount as this creates a financial loss for our business as we are unable to rebook other customers due to your booking being secure. (no exceptions) Cancellation of booking is only accepted in writing via email & will not be accepted by telephone.


Why do you charge a cancellation fee? We need to charge a cancellation fee simply because other potential customers have been blocked from making a booking from the time that your booking was made which creates a loss for our business as your booking has been secured.


Do you have playlists? We can supply special wedding option playlists for special dances as well as advise on how best to select your music. We do not keep permanent printed playlists for all other music, but we supply you links to websites for this.

Do I have options on what type of music? Yes, you do, as you complete the booking form it will give you options on either (A) letting us choose all your music. (B) Having us choose your music but you nominate some must play songs for your event. (C) you are choosing all or most of your music for your event.

Can you play the special songs that I need for each special part of the wedding reception?  For a wedding we have a list for pre-dinner music, special event list for you to fill out to include, bridal party entrance, cutting of the cake, Bride & groom dance, bride & groom departing. We also have a fun dance playlist & also an evening dance music playlist. All for you to have input to.

When do I need to have my music chosen for my event? All selected music must be returned to us at least 10 days before your event. Minimum 14 days is preferred.

Can I supply music on the day/night that I have for some special songs that you do not have? Yes, you can if it is on an original CD only or on a USB stick in a MP3 format only.

TEENAGE PARTIES. Please call us first before booking any teenage parties. We need to ensure that there will be suitable adult supervision & no alcohol to all persons under 18 years. Party safe registration may also be required for us to also attend. Bookings are only to be made by an adult over 18 years of age.

What if I want the event to run longer on the night than the agreed booked time? This can be done if requested by the person who made the booking & agrees with the venue & the DJ at the time. A rate of $120 per hour cash is payable upfront at the time of agreeing to request.