Minimum pricing 5 hours for each DJ & Photo Booth for this deal applies.
For all bookings for both DJ & Photo Booth less than 5 hours each please see the individual pricing page for each as no further discounts apply.
For what is included Please see the list on the individual pricing pages for both DJ & Photo Booth.

Please note a discounted $300 non-refundable deposit is required for this deal (instead of paying $200 for each).

If ever you cancel either the DJ or photo Booth out of the deal it reverts to normal pricing. Therefore, you will lose $100 deposit for cancelling the one services out of the deal as per standard cancellation information in terms & conditions. The $100 is also NOT transferable to the other service. For this deal no cancellations accepted within 30 days of booking or full payment will be required.

If you cancel both services, you will lose your $300 deposit.

All other normal Terms & Conditions apply to your combination booking.

5 Hours DJ & 5 Hours Photo Booth $1270 save $100.00
6 Hours DJ & 5 Hours Photo Booth $1420 save $100.00
7 Hours Please call for pricing

Please contact us first before booking so we can guarantee that both services are available for the date required.